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Sandra Wesley, New York
Besides being an ergonomically designed sponge, super-absorbing and long lasting the fabric covering HOLDS ONTO crumbs, coffee grounds, etc. and releases debris easily under a stream of water, unlike other sponges. It’s what I use to clean my stainless steel appliances—the fabric works like microfiber and the heft of the sponge inside creates a substantial hand friendly resistance to make it easier to do a good job. I couldn’t be happy without it for making espresso drinks at home. It serves as a heat shield as well as a superior fabric surface for cleaning steam wands, group heads, water splashes; my unit always is and looks clean and shiny with economy of effort. Even the stitched corners are useful for getting inside the channel in the group head where the portafilter attaches, removing used coffee grounds from this very narrow (hot) area. (Really clean=better espresso.) I prefer the large sponge for full hand coverage and more surface area to clean whatever needs cleaning. I also use it to wash dishes. The fabric’s natural resistance and sponge heft ensures good coverage of any surface. When occasional scrubbing is needed I use baking soda and something with a rougher texture. Cellulose sponges are shreddy wastes of money. Do be careful washing your very sharp knives so as not to slice through the fabric and wring them out thoroughly with both hands and they’ll never sour. I’ve been buying these beauties for years. Please, please keep making them!
Peter Light, Manchester
Best of the best clothes, i’m stuck to, just bring some more mens collection fast.
May Adelian, South Africa
The best yoga mat! I'm very satisfied with this yoga mat, I have it more than 6months. By practicing yoga my palms sweats and slips on a regular mat. With this Eco-friendly cork made natural material yoga mat I save mother earth and don't have this problem

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